Friday, 9 July 2021

Whakapono 23 Cleaning up our community


Whakapono 23 clean-up project

Thursday 8th July children of Whakapono 23 embarked on a journey to clean up our streets.    Noticing when they walk to school the amount of rubbish in our streets.  They were even more surprised that the Tumanako Enviro group went and already cleaned the streets.  In under a month, the streets were littered with rubbish.

The next step for Rowandale School is to maintain cleanliness and help with the preventation of rubbish on the ground.  Using the rubbish bins, take your rubbish home and not just drop it on the ground. 

Moments of our time cleaning and a little play at Rowandale Reserve for their efforts

Thank you Whakapono 23 for being tidy Kiwi's 

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Starting Rowandale School New Garden

 We would like to thank Bunnings Takanini and Manukau for their donation to help Rowandale School get its garden started.  

The Bunnings crew came into the school with 8 garden beds to get us started.   The Tumanako Enviro-Crew helped out on the day painting tables, stacking timber, loading the soil into to the garden beds, even got in there hammering the nails into wood. 

Painting tables:

Again thanks to Bunnings Takanini for the donation of the paint for our tables and garden beds. 

Starting the building 

Feeding our guest and students